Board Members - Rooting For Recovery
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Board Members

Carol Egan

Teen Pride, Purdue Watchdogs, Rooting For Recovery, Chair of TGRM in New Jersey and Georgia

Dan Schneider

Grieving Father, The Pharmacist, Vice Chair Of TGRM in Louisiana

Fernando Alvarez

The Spoon Movement, Alvarez Gallery, Vice Chair of TGRM in Connecticut

Lou Cuadrado

Grieving Mother, Artist and Graphic Designer in New Jersey

Elba Guzman

Grieving Mother – Purdue Watchdogs, Counselor at University Of Puerto Rico, Facilitator At Dancing Mindfulness in Puerto Rico

Jennifer Healy

Grieving Grandmother – Senior Healthcare Leader, Advocate for healthcare for all specifically for those impacted by the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts

Robert Legge, Virginia

John Shinholser

President & Co-Founder at The McShin Foundation, Virginia